About Us

Trudi Ogle is the founding director and owner of Stroodle’s Designs. She has a degree in Fine Arts from The Quay School of the Art in Whanganui, New Zealand.

 “I started this business after spending a year designing and crafting items for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  She would bring me her ideas and I made it all from scratch. It was such a huge success that everyone commented on how this would make a great business for me. I have 3 children whose birthday’s I plan every year and create all the event stationery for too. It is something that I love to do; that gives me pleasure. I want everything that I make to bring happiness and joy to my customers”

 We are enthusiastic in our goal to help you create a lasting impression with your unique distinct event stationery! We offer an easy option for many couples, the stress of finding wedding stationery can be difficult. We offer everything you need in one place! Our willingness to accommodate your inspiration and ideas is one of the things that make us very approachable. We offer a creative and unique service to our customers.

All of our products are lovingly crafted for you. Our hope is that you receive something that is beautiful and personalized to you.